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Boise Concrete Repair | Concrete Overlay | Staining

Why replace old, cracked, chipped and spalling concrete when you can repair it? At Concrete Armor of Boise, Idaho, we specialize in concrete repair and decorative overlays. We can make your old ugly concrete look better than new for a fraction of the cost of tearing it out and replacing it. We offer a variety of products from spray overlays, acid and dye stains to epoxy floors.

What is decorative overlay?

Overlays are decorative concrete systems designed to transform ordinary concrete into beautiful and durable surfaces. Available in an endless array of colors and patterns, overlays are ideal for almost any residential or commercial application. From driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks to garage floors, showroom floors and even counter tops. Overlays can be used wherever a beautiful and highly durable surface is desired.

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Spray-Tek Acrylic Overlay

Sprey-Tek is a cement based overlay with roughly twice the compression strength of regular concrete. It can be applied in almost any color and design imaginable.

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VIVID Acid Stains & QuickDye

Stains and dyes can be used on interior and exterior concrete. Like the Spray-Tek overlay system the colors and different designs are almost endless.

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Epoxy & Metallic Epoxy floors

Concrete Coatings Inc. Epoxy floors add durability and beauty to any interior concrete floor.

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“Concrete Armor provides the best quality for those looking for professional concrete repair sercvices. Thanks for the great job!”

- Larry J.